Monday, October 25, 2010

Is it true that apples have as much caffeine/energy as a cup of coffee? - from Jackie

This is one I haven't heard before!  Apples do not contain caffeine, though.  However, apples do contain caffeic acid, which is a naturally occurring polyphenol and unrelated to caffeine.  This myth probably came from the fact that apples seem to be a "refreshing" fruit (from the nice juicy crunch they make).  Apples also contain vitamins, antioxidants (mostly in the skin), a little fiber, and slow-absorbing fructose, which make them a great snack and a long-lasting energy source.  The old phrase "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" does have some basis in fact, but it should written more like "fruits and veggies every day keep the doctor away."  Apples are a popular choice because they are very portable and sturdy, cheap, require no preparation or peeling, and come in endless varieties.  An apple will not replace your morning cup o' joe, but it is a great choice anyway.         

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